Glass Protection

Depending on what you wish to have framed and where you wish to hang it will determine the level of protection you will need and what type of glass will provide it.   

We offer three different types of glass with different levels of protection.  As a minimum all our glass will protect your art work from dust damage and Soiling

Conservation Clear: offers protection to your art work and blocks out 99% of UV rays

Conservations Reflection Control: offers UV protection and also limits the glare from direct sun light

Museum Glass: the highest quality of glass, suitable for valuable frames items. See our
Museum Quality Framing section for more details.  

At some point in the future you may wish to remove your piece from its frame, because of this we ensure that all work is protected and our framing fits your piece not the other way around. For example we will never cut a sport shirt to frame it, we will always ensure that it will remain intact.

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Sport Shirts

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